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Local Teams

  Number Name Driver Owner Location
T518 Bad Boy Jim Benson Jim Benson Katonah, NY
Y43 The Good Old Boys Bob Sovie Bob Sovie Ogdensburg, NY
CY44 Accelerent Joseph Sovie Joseph Sovie Ogdensburg, NY
Fast Eddie Too Dan Kanfoush
Niagara Falls, NY
Jim Sechler Farmington Hills, MI
Honey Bun Mike Monahan Gregory Barker Grand Island, NY
S11 Unfinished Business Thomas J Vielhauer Thomas J Vielhauer Liverpool, NY
S41 Second Choice Scott Thompson Scott Thompson Holland, NY
S79 Krrazy Chief Jesse Robertson Douglas Havell Jr New Hampton, NY
S711 One More Time Alan Bush Alan Bush Grand Island, NY
CE8 Last Minute Again Bill Vielhauer Bill Vielhauer Ogdensburg, NY
CE13 Adrenaline Rush Derec Smith Derec Smith Oswego, NY
E500 Centsless 14 Joe Less Donald Less Grand Island, NY
E600 Centsless 12 Joe Less Donald Less Grand Island, NY
A213 Déjà Vu John Krebs Melia Koerner
Frank Deem
Leicester, NY
NM27 God and Country Don Burshnick Don Burshnick Maine, NY
NM32 All Jacked Up Keith McKnight Keith McKnight Cortland, NY
NM233 Just Crazy John Krebs Lauren Krebs Grand Island, NY
GP50 Intensity Kenneth W Brodie II Kenneth W Brodie II Grand Island, NY
SE66 Heckel & Jeckel Peter Hackett Peter Hackett N. Tonawanda, NY
JS78 Flyin High Bill DeGlopper Bill DeGlopper Grand Island, NY
JS77 Zippy Pickle Brian DeGlopper Bill DeGlopper Grand Island, NY
GP317 Irishman Bill Fisk Bill Fisk Williamson, NY
N100 Speculation Bill DeGlopper Bill DeGlopper Grand Island, NY



Canadiana Marv Hart Marv Hart Clayton, NY
GP1001 Dinomites Roger LaPiere Roger LaPiere Gouverneur, NY
H62 Tool Crib Special Tom Morsheimer Tom Morsheimer Honeoye Falls, NY
J444   Matt Morsheimer Matt Morsheimer Honeoye Falls, NY
E60 Fast Company Bill Morsheimer Bill Morsheimer Bloomfield, NY
E156 Sin Jack Wolf David Kappel Fayettevile, NY
E45 Sidewinder Matt Morsheimer Matt Morsheimer Honeoye Falls, NY
E148 Wild Card Marv Hart Marv Hart Clayton, NY
E73 Sorceress Jack Cotton Jack Cotton Niagara Falls, NY
N700 Miss Sapphire Bob Hampton Bob Hampton Clayton, NY
N67 Prime Mover Kevin Daly Kevin Daly Hilton, NY
A11 Big Chief Dave Richardson Dave Richardson Wellesley Island, NY
A21 Jack Of Harts Marv Hart Marv Hart Clayton, NY
A00 Midnight Special Butch Dreher Butch Dreher Memphis, NY
JS9 Papa’s Bundle John Gast John Gast Grand Island, NY
JS88 Storm A Long Rich DeGlopper Rich DeGlopper Buffalo, NY
JS20 Mean Streaker Nate Slotiuk Nate Slotiuk Grand Island, NY
JS7 Blu Fusion Steve Sayre Steve Sayre Canandaigua, NY
  My Baby Gar Judy Fisk Judy Fisk  Williamson, NY
  Wood Too Arnold & Phil Rubenstein Arnold & Phil Rubenstein  Fayetteville, NY
  Chaparral Ken Warby Ken Warby Cleves, NY
  Tiger Ken Warby Ken Warby Cleves, NY
  Sliver Arnold Rubinstein Arnold Rubinstein Fayetteville, NY
  Molinari Formula-1 Brian Pitt Brian Pitt Honeoye Falls, NY
  Skeeter Hamilton Armstrong Hamilton Armstrong  Syracuse, NY
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